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Social Development Services

Activities of the societies are facilitated and coordinated to fulfill social development needs of tea smallholders by supervision of activities of societies.  This is achieved by organizing tea smallholders and establishing, registering and granting legal status to Tea Smallholder Development Societies under Tea Smallholder Development Act No.35 of 1975.
Under this, following social development services are in operation through activities of Tea Smallholder Development Societies.

  1. Encouraging members on replanting and crop rehabilitation through coordination of incentive schemes provided by Tea Small Holdings Development Authority.

  2. Coordination of training programs and tea related extension advice to the membership.

  3. Implementation of welfare programs/providing credit facilities to the membership/Developing funds as a society.

  4. Facilitation of securing a maximum price for produce of the membership including green leaf.

  5. Preparation/buying/selling of planting material required for tea planting and supplying agricultural chemicals to the membership at concessionary prices.



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